Should marble be used on its own or accompanied?

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Whether we bet on a single material or combined with others, ceramic marble is a sure hit in decoration.

When we face a new interior design or decoration project, the choice of the main material is usually a headache, especially if we like natural materials that will be a challenge when it comes to maintenance. This is the case, for example, of marble, an elegant and classic yet sophisticated material, capable of transforming any project.

However, its nature makes it difficult to install it on the bathroom or kitchen floor, because of the possibility of slipping and because it is very delicate and can suffer alterations.

This is where ceramics come into play, thanks to the improvement of production processes, offering us marble-like porcelain tile collections that are so realistic that it is practically impossible to tell whether we are looking at marble or ceramic. Tiles allow us to place marble in any space in the home and this opens up many possibilities for decoration and combination.

Then comes the time to decide if we want to go for marble as the only material for the decoration of our home or if we prefer to combine it to give more visual richness. If we are going to choose marble as the main material and alone for our project, the best option will always be to combine several shades of marble.

We can do it with two similar tones, such as a darker cream with a lighter one, or looking for the total contrast, such as the classic black and white or even play with colors like green. Marble always adds up.

If, on the contrary, we want marble to be only a part of our floor or wall tiles and we are looking for a combination, one of our chosen materials will be wood, which will allow us to create a unique combination, with natural touches and a clear commitment to sophistication and calm. Bathrooms and kitchens are the perfect spaces where to join these materials, although any place in the house is good to place them together.

The alternative, if we are looking for some contrast but we want marble to remain the main material, will be to include these elements in other materials through decoration and furniture. Wood, textiles in contrasting tones and metal are clear winners when it comes to creating harmonious spaces in which marble rules.

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