It is your ceramic

From the union of an entrepreneurs’ group, who have great experience in the ceramic sector, arises ALAPLANA: an ambitious project which looks to the future with the firm purpose to adapt itself to the upcoming years.

Design, quality and technology are characteristics that allow ALAPLANA to be a benchmark in the Spanish tile sector, focused on improving ourselves every day and offer our customers the tile that best fits their necessities.

Our main rule: Creativity; To be trendy: as a tradition

The three main words to define ALAPLANA’s products are: design, style and precision. The result of a common work between the staff and the technological equipment is what makes ALAPLANA a capable company for being a trend in the international markets due to our attractive finishes and the exceptional technic characteristics.

Social responsibility and good policy practices

Our commitment with the current society in which employees, customers and suppliers are integrated is to define a collaboration framework in terms of Social Responsibility and good practices. Our objective is the responsible management in the supply chain, both services and product. Effort and compromise from each part involved is crucial to get that.

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