Red or white body tiles. When to choose them?

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Although both materials start from the same base, their characteristics make them suitable for different projects.

When an individual is going to face a process of renovation or construction of a home or business, it is common to wonder what type of ceramic tile to choose. We hear about red and white body tiles, but it is not always clear to us which one to choose.

The truth is that we can find tiles for practically every project, but their performance means that, in some cases, white body tiles are more suitable than red body tiles.

What factors should we take into account when deciding on one or the other material?

  • The use. It will be different if we are talking about floor or wall tiles. If we are looking for a wall tiling, then the red body tiles will be the perfect choice.

    Although we can also opt for porcelain tiles if, for example, we want the floor and the wall to have exactly the same material.

  • The type of space. This is where we start to find more differences. Red body and white body tiles use different clays, with different performances, which make the porcelain tile much more resistant, even to sudden changes in temperature.

    In addition, this use of different clays makes the red body tiles much more porous and absorb more water, so they are not suitable for outdoor spaces.

    In conclusion, if what we are looking for is a ceramic collection that will perfectly resist outdoors without any problems, our choice will always be the white body tiles.

  • The budget. As they are different materials, their costs also differ. With red body tiles we obtain tiles of great resistance with a perfect quality-price ratio.

    However, white body tiles are somewhat more expensive due to the raw materials and also the production processes.

    The laying process must also be taken into account: white body tiles require more experience and, depending on the size and format, can be a rather complex process, which also has an effect on the final cost of the pieces.

  • Format and finishes. White body tiles can be manufactured in much larger sizes than red body tiles, so if we are looking for large tiles, white body tiles are the way to go.

    Therefore, if what we are looking for is, for example, large format pieces that reproduce marble and its shine with a polished finish, we will go for porcelain tiles.

    The same goes for wood, if we are satisfied with smaller tiles, both materials will be suitable, but if we are looking for large collections, they will have to be white body tiles.

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