How to choose tiles for the bathroom?


You have to take into account factors such as size or natural lighting.

We are finally going to carry out that bathroom reform that we have had in mind for so long and the moment to choose our tiles finally arrives. Although initially it may seem like a headache due to the wide variety of products to choose from, making a decision can be easier than we think if we take into account some factors that will help us in our choice.

The size of the bathroom – do we have a spacious bathroom?

In that case, we can afford to choose almost any tile collection. If, on the other hand, we have a small bathroom with no natural light, we should avoid dark colors, which will create the sensation of having less space. Of course, white is not the only option, how about betting on cream colors or pieces in pastel shades?

Regarding the format, both large and small are valid as long as they are placed correctly. A wall tiling of large dimensions will give a greater sense of continuity as long as we are able to align the joints and a small size one can give us an incredible result if the joints are in the same tone.

A different floor?

In this case, it is different if we are facing a new construction or integral reform or a remodeling of one or two bathrooms. Only if we are going to reform the whole house, we can consider whether we want the same floor in the bathrooms that we will have in the rest of the house or if we are going to choose a new one.

If the idea is that it is the same, it is important to check that it is not too slippery when it gets wet, although it is not totally non-slip. If we are going to choose a different flooring for the bathroom, it is important to make sure of its characteristics. In fact, there are even non-slip tiles that can be placed inside a shower to give a greater sense of continuity.

Is the entire wall tiling the same?

The wall tiling is where we can play the most with color and decoration when planning what a new bathroom will look like. There is a lot to choose from, from a light, discreet base tile and contrasting decorative pieces to full accent walls that add a lot of visual variety to the bathroom.

A touch of volume?

Bathrooms and kitchens are the perfect spaces to play with volumes in the tiling. They give a greater sense of dynamism and prevent an interior from becoming monotonous. However, betting on reliefs can make us get tired of the tiles in our bathroom over time, so it is recommended not to abuse this type of tiles and place them only in a limited area of the bathroom.

The children’s bathroom

If we are going to choose tiles for the children’s bathroom, we may be tempted to opt for markedly childish collections, but it is better to bear in mind that children grow up and refurbishing a bathroom does not always suit us. In this sense, the best thing to do is to choose tiles that can ‘grow up’ with the children and add decorative touches with the bathroom textiles.

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