Cleaning and maintenance of ceramic tiles after installation

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Using the right products and starting by removing all work project remains and dust are crucial to obtain a good result.

The ceramic tile is one of the most popular building materials thanks to its versatility and ease of maintenance. However, there are still many people who have doubts when it comes to carrying out the initial cleaning, whether it has been a home renovation or a construction. However, the very resistant nature of the material means that initial cleaning is much easier than we might think.

The first step is to carry out an initial visual inspection of the area you are going to clean: Are there any work project remains? Are there any particularly dirty areas? Are there any grout remains in the tile joints?  This first inspection will give us a clear idea on how to undertake the cleaning process.

Getting rid of the dust completely is always the starting point. How do we do it? It will depend on the amount of dust we have, and our available equipment. It is preferable to use a powerful hoover for this initial cleaning. Alternatively, a damp cloth can be used to remove all the dust. Also, remember that it’s completely normal that the dust from the construction continues to appear, even after this initial cleaning. If you are going to use cloths, you must renew them constantly to ensure that you always remove the dust with clean utensils.

With the dust already removed from our ceramics, it is time to carry out the first cleaning with water and neutral soap, without the need to use specialized products. With another cloth dampened with clean water, we will remove all the soap residue. If we can ventilate the room, the drying time will always be shorter.

If you find any grout between the tiles, you will need to use specialized cleaning products. Look for a specific soap to remove cement that is suitable for the ceramic tile you have chosen and you will be able to remove all traces of the material that remained.

Once the dust has been removed, the first cleaning has been carried out and all traces of cement have been removed, the floor and wall tiles can be cleaned with the usual cleaning product.

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