Decoration trends 2023: ideas for using ceramics

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A year with a lot of weight of natural materials and light colors is coming.

If you’re starting a decorating project over the next few months, you may end up following some of the biggest trends for 2023, many of them related to the use of ceramics in indoor and outdoor spaces.

At a time when trends are overlapping as they come and go, these are our big bets for the year ahead:

  • The weight of white kitchens. White is one of the kings in decoration, partly thanks to its versatility and its ability to give more light and more feeling of spaciousness to the spaces. After years of color’s heavy weight, which entered with force in kitchens, white is once again the main protagonist.

    Ceramic is one of the main materials to decorate kitchens, both in floors and in the backs of the kitchen and the rest of walls. In addition to the more traditional ceramic collections or wall tiles with decorated pieces, marble in white tones is one of the most sophisticated materials for kitchens.
  • The era of light colors. White is not the only light tone that will be the protagonist this year. In 2023, other tones that call for calm and peace, such as cream or terracotta, are coming on strong in 2023.

    They are colors with a strong link to nature that allows us to create interiors in which to breathe calm. We are also talking about other neutral tones such as brown, beige, sand or earth. We can find them in ceramics thanks to the different collections that recreate the look of wood, as well as terracotta. Cream-colored marble is also the perfect material to join this trend.
  • Color, in brushstrokes. In a season in which light, neutral and white colors are triumphing again, a perfect way to give touches of color is with small details in the decoration. Textiles, decorative elements or paintings can mark the ideal contrast for any interior.

    We have a wide variety of light-toned floor tiles to decorate in all available textures, both those that reproduce natural textures and the traditional monochromatic ones. These collections are perfect to complement with colored pieces.
  • Integrated kitchens. It is one of the eternal debates in decoration: integrating kitchens to make them part of the living room or keeping them independent. In 2023 we will again see a commitment to integrated kitchens in larger spaces in which to coexist and share.

    Ceramic is the ideal material to give continuity to spaces as it allows us, for example, that the same wood that we see in the living room floor can be in the kitchen without any risk to its maintenance.
  • Natural materials. The natural and sustainable are again trendy. The coming year brings us much weight of natural textures in floor and wall tiles, furniture and decoration. Again, ceramics has a lot to say for its great ability to reproduce all kinds of natural textures such as wood, stone or marble.

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